Sunday, October 9, 2011

PD On Your Own Part 2: Twitter

Twitter is more than celebrities, athletes, and political staff spouting off about anything and everything. Twitter is one part of the PD On Your Own Tool belt that educators can use to grow as professionals. So why should educators use Twitter?
1. networking with like minded professionals
2. a wealth of resources is shared daily
3. a place to seek affirmation with others like themselves
4. a place to contribute.

So where do you start?
1. Sign up for a free twitter account
2. Install Tweetdeck.
3. Do a hashtag search and use this to find some educators to follow.
4. Start slow and then start to contribute.

Some Twitter Tips:
1. Be a smart don't win a prize for following the most people. Doing so could make Twitter too much to follow, leading to non-usage.
2. Search the hashtags to find Twitter users who share the same passion, interests, etc.
3. No fear...the Twitter world in education circles is a good place. People will help you if needed.
4. Contribute...the more people contribute, the better pool of resources that are available to all.

Nothing in this post is ground breaking tech, but it is technology that actually works.

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