Saturday, January 10, 2015

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    • Good stuff ;) - post by Shaheer Khan
    • maybe the best page in the net - post by Julian Hoffbauer
    • this is really awesome for school - post by hotpoultry
    • This is good research stuff. - post by fuchasiagirl
    • Wikipedia generally has an article on everything, the English encyclopedia having the most.
      Anyone is allowed to edit Wikipedia articles, except for certain articles where there have been constant revert wars. Recently, some corporations have been altering Wikipedia articles en masse, specifically the CIA.

      - post by jaxsonk
    • the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. - post by Alan Poon
    • dosnt that make it better then any other encyclopedia? the whole world is gathering info instead of a room of smart people. - post by Austin Sanders
    • loll dis be da goooooooood stuff!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) - post by Kari Larson
    • Wikipedia is such a good website to learn about someone, something, or a place. - post by Cameron M
    • hey class how do i create a new bookmark? - post by steven suits
    • Most professors take points off a paper if you use Wikipedia as a source. This is because anyone can make up and put up any information, making it not as reliable. - post by Sara Barron

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