Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Document Cameras and SMART Notebook...A Perfect Match

Many of the teachers I work with have been using document cameras for the past year. The two prevailing models are Avermedia and IPEVO . Each model has its advantages. The Avermedia cameras are feature filled while the IPEVO is nicely priced...$70!

My teachers love using them for a variety of purposes.

  • showcasing student work
  • demonstrating with manipulatives
  • reading a book and showcasing the pictures
  • using it as a QR code reader
All of this is great but my teachers still have issues while using their document cameras. Each camera has its own software. My teachers use SMART Notebook for just about everything, but they are forced to use the document camera software when it is in use. It would just be great if SMART Notebook would allow you to show the document camera image within Notebook.Now you can and this has been great news for my teachers.

Avermedia has a flash based app that allows you to insert your live document camera image directly in SMART Notebook. Now you can use your Avermedia document camera without having to use their software. 

This is great for the teachers with Avermedia document cameras but what about those with IPEVO document cameras? Well, IPEVO users still need use the P2V software. After opening the P2V software, teachers will open SMART Notebook. With SMART Notebook open, select the Transparency icon. Now the document camera image will show within SMART Notebook and all the SMART Notebook tools are at your disposal.

No matter which of these camera types you have, both can opened and manipulated in SMART Notebook. 

This is technology that actually works!

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  1. Thanks so much and stick with it No doubt you will definitely reach your goals! Have a great day document cameras for teachers