Saturday, October 6, 2012

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    • Shows us how we compare to the rest of the world. - post by Clayton Theleman
    • This was an interesting video! It really surprised me what percentages of the world are poor, illiterate and malnourished. - post by Greta
    • This shows the distribution of people on earth and the shocking econmonical gap. - post by Anthony Doouglas
    • I think that this is an interesting video, and it appeals really well to everyones emotions with the pictures, and the music - post by Kelsey
    • A great video that goes over many of the Principles Dr. Wesch has talked about in class. A good source of inspiration as we create our own miniature earth. - post by Nick Timmons
    • A breakdown of what the earth would look like if the population were reduced to 100 people, all while keeping the relative proportions the same as they would be as reported at the start of this century. - post by Matt Warren
    • This video puts life in the US in perspective. - post by Will Richardson
    • Shows what the world would be like if its population was reduced to 100 people. - post by Doug Belshaw
    • miscellaneous source 2 - post by Alisa
    • This website shows a video that demonstrates what the Earth's population would be like if it were reduced to a hundred people, keeping statistical proportions correct.
      While some statistics are purely demographic, others depict the state of literacy, poverty, health and living conditions. For instance, it is shocking that "If you sleep on a bed, keep your clothes in a closet, have electric light, and have a roof over your head, you are richer than 75 of the other people."  Also, just over a dozen people would own a computer and only two or three would have internet. Incredible, but true, the statistics are enhanced with striking images. 
      While this website has a lot of emotional appeal, there facts of it are credible and have an even more profound effect on viewers like myself.  The emotional sympathy for poverty-stricken populations generates income in donations to the site and purchases of the downloadable video, and the money is used to fund the site and small public projects. For me, however, watching the video graphically demonstrated the need to improve living conditions in many paces around the world, as well as the previously assumed, but now obvious, relationship between lack of housing, lack of education, poor health, and financial need.

      - post by Alisa
    • nice avp, like the concept, but a litte weak - post by bvalshaiv
    • Nice way to start a conversation with kids, though. I think it makes a good springboard for introducing globalization. - post by Beth Cullinan
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