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Simple Tech Integration: Using for constructed response questions

Not every technology integration in your classroom needs to be an elaborate project that takes weeks. Sometimes the best uses are the simple, everyday occurrances in your classroom. During a training session, one of my 5th grade teachers discussed how he used during his language arts block.

Each week, students are answering a constructed response question on a reading story or book. Normally, students would respond on paper and get some feedback from the teacher. This year, these students are answering these questions on in small groups. The students visit the link provided by the teacher and work on their responses together. When everyone is done, the students then look at how the others answered the same question or a different one. From there, the teacher has options about how to proceed.

They could:
a. bring up the site on the IWB and discuss the pros and cons for each answer.
b. have the students critique the other groups' work.
c. have the students read over the other answers and then make improvements to their own.

There are several reasons I love this technology integration strategy.
1. It is simple. The teacher creates a new document on and adds the link to their website for students to access.
2. Students are learning from each other. makes it simple for students to see each other's work and then use that as a learning experience. Students are providing authentic feedback for each other, while the teacher can guide these conversations.
3. is free and does not require a log in!

This may not be the newest resource out there. It may not be the flashiest or most groundbreaking...

but it is technology that actually works!

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